About Us

Priyal Bharadwaj is a brand name that takes pride in its eclectic blend of Indian and Western sensibilities. It is a brand that effortlessly weaves in itself elements of two different worlds into a unique style and creates another beauty of harmony for the women who seek a fresh sense of style and class. Inspired by the mind's constant search for freedom, we present a collection that is woven from light fabrics and free silhouettes that plays a little flirty in gorgeous light georgettes, creating a vision that is mesmerizing and enchanting.
To all those bold and beautiful women out there, let Priyal Bharadwaj take you in as a muse and on with a journey unforgettable.

Brand Values

Customer happiness and satisfaction lay as foundation stones to our design house. We believe in creating dreams into reality that focus on delivering to people what they yearn to see on themselves rather than just wearing a piece molded out of current fashion rules. We, at Priyal Bharadwaj, work towards building a home where customers relate to their sense of style. We strive towards creating a product of sheer elegance and comfort for the individual in you that is crafted for the future and leaves strong and vivid impressions on the eyes of the beholder. Our brand is for you and about you. Always.

Brand Attributes

Bold, Ravishing and comfortable; Priyal Bharadwaj is a playfully soulful design house that aims to awaken your inner spirit to take on that leap of faith to freedom. With designs focused on amplifying the undying essence of womanhood and appreciating the female silhouette, we believe in celebrating you.

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"Fashion Is Existing On Your Own Terms"